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This is what Peter had to say about theatre .....


I used to love doing theatre – any kind of theatre – anywhere. Some theatre was carnival or small town circus. I have never not worked. I never went hungry. As long as there were restaurants available , I would eat. Of course , I worked in those restaurants. I wouldn’t want to do it again but if it has to be done , you do it!

When I was working with Nina at the Alley Theatre or Zelda at the Washington Arena Stage or in summer stock , I had no problems. The problems were taken of. 

Remember now , I am in the second oldest profession. It’s called acting and I like to think of myself as a class actor.

On this page , you will see blurbs from reviews for some of my performances. These are from my early career and also later on.


Thousand Clowns, theatre review                           What can I say, theatre review


review on "Accommodations"

Thousand Clowns, theatre review




another review of "Thousand Clowns"


another review on "Accommodations"

review of "Mr. Roberts"


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